The new fyne-cross puts Geoffrey on a rocket!

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With the brand new release of fyne-cross v1.4.0, our continuous build and delivery service Geoffrey is getting a serious boost!

For developers, fyne-cross is bringing a lot of new features. It now uses the fyne command for all builds, which brings full support for fyne metadata on all cross compile! For Geoffrey, this is means first that your metadata are all there, but also it is opening the way for supporting build secrets in the future. For developers and companies that use fyne-cross for continuous build, like we do at Fyne Labs, we have contributed the support for Kubernetes cluster that will enable you to use your own cluster from a gitlab action or for example.

But the biggest change is that we have taken the image repository outside of fyne-cross repository. This means we can release new images without the need for a new fyne-cross release. This will allow a lot more frequent releases as well. You might want to either always use the -pull option when using fyne-cross to check for the latest image or monitor new releases on This first batch of brand new images are also bringing large improvements. The first most visible one is that fyne-cross now uses zig as the cgo compiler (thanks to Luca Corbo for this massive contribution!). The main benefit of switching to zig is that we need fewer images to support as many OS as before. And those images even use less space than before. Our Android image still uses the Android SDK, but thanks to the work of Rik Arends on Makepad, we also got the fyne-cross image significantly smaller. So overall less download time and less hard drive space needed for storage on new image release!

That is not all, and this is going to be a big news for everyone with a modern Apple hardware, a PineBook Pro or even just a Raspberry Pi… fyne-cross does now support Arm64 images for all targets (except Android as Google doesn’t provide a native Arm64 SDK). This means no emulator when using fyne-cross to cross compile. It will make the build much, much faster for everyone on Arm64 architecture!

And all of this improvement means that with the same infrastructure for Geoffrey, we can actually run more build in parallel than before! This means we can try pricing for Geoffrey lower than ever before – even better value for customers – so it is a good time to enroll with Geoffrey and try it out!

Have fun building!



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