About Fyne Labs

Fyne Labs provides infrastructure and products to help businesses develop cross platform graphical applications of a higher quality, more quickly.

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Need support with Fyne app development?

Should you be looking for tailored assistance, or would like to have someone that can work more directly with your code, then a Fyne Labs support contract may be for you. We can help with projects large and small – from basic assistance to pair-programming for more complex coding challenges.

Feature Requests

As developers using a graphical toolkit, whether native, web or cross-platform, you will know that some times the feature you want is not built in.

If your team or business wish to engage a company to add a new feature in a specified time frame then Fyne Labs is here to help. We can deliver Fyne features and new widgets that could be private to your business or shared with the whole community. One of the benefits of the pluggable infrastructure is that these new components do not have to be in a core project repository to be usable in any applications you build.

Bespoke Development

For businesses or teams that would like to see the benefits of platform agnostic development the team at Fyne Labs are available to build Fyne based applications from scratch. As experts on the toolkit we will follow best practices and latest functionality to create elegant applications backed by easy to understand and maintain source code.

Giving Back

It is very important to us that development work that we carry out will continue to grow and improve the Fyne project. When projects require additions to the toolkit, or uncover bugs, we will work on them to the benefit of the open source community as well as the contracts we fulfil. Work on Fyne’s open source repositories by any of the Fyne Labs team automatically becomes property of the community rather than transferring to contracting companies. This way we can ensure the continued enhancement of the toolkit without adding complications of license or ownership.