The organisation managing support and funding of the Fyne project.

Experts in cross-platform application development with Fyne.


The Fyne project is funded by sponsorship – individuals and businesses that appreciate the hard work of the team and would like to support the project can do so using the GitHub sponsors page. Fyne Labs Ltd manages the finances of the Fyne project which means that we can also accept payments directly if you would prefer – you can use the fyne.io donation page to make a donation or set up a subscription.

If you are interested in supporting the Fyne project in some other way please get in touch to discuss how you can help. Money raised through sponsorship is used to cover the costs of hosting and project expenses, the running of conferences and meetups and the creation of promotional materials like stickers.

The Fyne project accepts sponsorship (sometimes called bounties) that aim to accelerate development of specific features and bug fixes. In these situations the project will allocate 75% of the relevant contribution to the core developer who does the work. We encourage potential sponsors to check out the features and bugs that have already been reported. The team reserves the right to decline requests for work that does not fit within the project vision.

Bespoke Development

For businesses or teams that would like to see the benefits of platform agnostic development but do not have the time or resources to learn a new toolkit we are here to help! The team at Fyne Labs are available to assist with, or build from scratch, Fyne based applications for any business. As experts on the toolkit we will follow best practices and latest functionality to create elegant applications backed by easy to understand and maintain source code.

It is very important to us that development work that we carry out will continue to grow and improve the Fyne project. When projects require additions to the toolkit, or uncover bugs, we will work on them to the benefit of the open source community as well as the contracts we fulfil. Work on Fyne’s open source repositories by any of the Fyne Labs team automatically becomes property of the community rather than transferring to contracting companies. This way we can ensure the continued enhancement of the toolkit without adding complications of license or ownership.

Of course projects created for anyone contracting our help will have full source code, documentation and intellectual property rights delivered like any software contract. We can even deliver ongoing support if you would like to continue with assistance from the experts!


If your project is under way, or your team is getting started with the Fyne toolkit, and have some questions there are various support options available. First and foremost there is a great community where you can get help with your project – if there is a quick answer or a documentation page they can send you in the right direction. The #fyne channel on the gophers server is a great place to go – you can get an invite if you’re not signed up already.

Should you be looking for more assistance, or would like to have someone that can work more directly with your code, then a Fyne Labs support contract may be for you. We can help with projects large and small – from basic assistance to pair-programming for more complex coding challenges. If you’d like to discuss your project or find out more please fill in the get in touch form below.

Fyne Labs Apps

The team at Fyne Labs enjoy making apps that show what is possible using the Fyne toolkit. These apps provide features for various different audiences and they can all run on every Fyne supported operating system (Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS and FreeBSD).


Our apps do not collect any user data and they will never include advertising. We are happy to bring you this software with no strings attached. Your privacy matters and we believe that your data belongs to you!

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