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Open Source Contribution award winners!

Last night at the Digital Technology awards we were thrilled to be announced as the winners of the open source contribution category! All the short-listed companies were very impressive and in our own category we were up against Edinburgh Linux (who build KDE Neon)...

Go GUI Developer Survey Results

Announcing results of the first Go GUI Developer survey. Following the recently released Go Developer Survey 2021 results we are pleased to present the results of the Go GUI developer survey conducted by developers from the Fyne and Gio communities. Highlights: Up to...

Announcing Go GUI Developer Survey

Today a combined group of Fyne and Gio developers have launched a follow up to the Go Developer Survey - the Go GUI Developer Survey. Just like the official surveys, we would like to understand the community of Go developers that are interested in Graphical User...

Easy MQTT application with Fyne

This small blog will introduce you to how easy it is to use Fyne to quickly get a visual and portable go application that connect to the network and IoT devices. For this example application, we will be connecting the application to a MQTT broker which publishes data...