Giving Back to the Community

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Business, Community | 0 comments

As a company we believe in open source and giving back – the community made Fyne possible, and we are committed to supporting the work.

Without each of the > 100 contributors the project would not be what it is today, and we are excited that every engineer at Fyne Labs team has time to contribute to the open source world as well. However we wanted to do more and help the hard working team of open source contributors to benefit from the work we do as well.

Free product access for core contributors

We are excited to announce that all core contributors to the Fyne project will be given complementary access to all Fyne Labs products! Starting today developers can gain access to our first product, Geoffrey, a build and deploy automation platform for Fyne apps. The first one-tap solution for distributing your platform-agnostic graphical apps is finally here and we’d love to give free access to Fyne’s awesome contributors.

If you would like to gain access to manage your app deployment, or discuss other benefits of being a community core team member then you can contact us.


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