Scotlands Angels back Fyne Labs

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The busy life of a startup rarely eases, but we wanted to take a moment to step back and thank the amazing angel investors who trust in our vision. It is a long road ahead to deliver on our ambitious goals but their confidence and support allows us to take the next steps toward fixing platform-agnostic app development.

Scottish technology heroes

To anyone in the Scottish technology community these people need no introduction – we are thrilled that Gareth Williams, Rob Dobson, Chris Greening, Gavin Dutch and Graham Jones are now part of our journey. These incredible individuals have been key to the success of Skyscanner, FanDuel, DevicePilot, Float and Stampede.

If you have worked with any of these amazing individuals you will understand how excited we are that they form part of the Fyne Labs family. The Scottish technology ecosystem is key to our business – with unicorn companies showing us what is possible in a country that aims to be leading on the world stage. The community here is so supportive and the angels we have on board play a large part in building this wonderful environment.

And global reach

Clearly the supporters already listed have connections and influence well beyond the excellent community in Scotland. We are also grateful to have global angels, including Ibrahim Haddad of the Linux Foundation and Sam Collins from Meta. They join a growing team of advisors who want to be part of this future for platform-agnostic application development.

We are bringing a better solution for building applications across all graphical platforms – so we know that the whole world will want to hear our message. All of our angels bring experiences and backgrounds that understand the importance of what we are doing and how we can help organisations, large and small, to see massive benefits by using our technology.

Be part of our story

If you would like an opportunity to be involved in the amazing work that Fyne Labs are doing, or to help us finance the journey, please get in touch using the form below.


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