Open Source Contribution award winners!

by | May 13, 2022 | Business | 2 comments

Last night at the Digital Technology awards we were thrilled to be announced as the winners of the open source contribution category! All the short-listed companies were very impressive and in our own category we were up against Edinburgh Linux (who build KDE Neon) and Reconmap (pen-testing experts). Somehow the judges chose us as the winner and as you can see we were very pleased!

Amanda Brock and the Fyne Labs team

It means a lot to us to be recognised so early in this long journey that we have embarked on. We were particularly happy to hear that the judges commended our dedication to community and support 🤗.

Over all it was a great night out at the Radisson Blu. This was the first in-person version of the digital technology awards in 3 years and it was excellent to catch up with old friends, meet new people and chat about where the industry is going next.

The team looking fine 🙂

Thanks very much to the team at ScotlandIS for organising the event and to OpenUK for sponsoring the category and presenting us with the award. A thoroughly enjoyable night and the first award to decorate our new office in Edinburgh.

  1. mungler

    Apologies if this is a stupid question, but for which contribution did you win?

    • Andy Williams

      I believe that the overall contribution nominated was the addition of the web driver so that Fyne apps can be run through web browsers.

      However the judges noted also that they commended our community efforts in being active members on the various channels and helping to support others looking to get started with Fyne.


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