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by | Dec 6, 2021 | Business | 1 comment

This week marks the start of a very exciting time for Fyne Labs and the entire Fyne community. Why is that you ask? Because we now have a fantastic founding team that is dedicated to making a more sustainable future for the Fyne toolkit and related projects.

Welcoming our CTO

We are honoured that Cedric Bail is joining the team today as our CTO. Cedric has worked for many years delivering excellent software as a member of various teams and open source communities. His work with Samsung and HP literally powers millions of devices worldwide. With his leadership and technical vision we are sure of great things for the Fyne project.

Adding design focus

We are also delighted to be working further with Charlie McCulloch from Buteo who brings years of experience in brand and product design. Many of his designs are award winning and his work includes UK high street names. We look forward to applying his expertise to many areas of the Fyne project.

A bright future for platform-agnostic development

Along with our CEO, Andrew Williams, the team is supporting a vibrant future for cross-platform software solutions using Fyne. Over the coming months we will share more information about the projects that we will be focusing on – there is a lot to do and we are excited to get started.

If you would like to be part of this team and help build a really Fyne future then please get in touch. We are recruiting software engineers and various product roles as we grow the team into 2022!

1 Comment
  1. hedaihua

    That is great! Very encouraged! We are looking forward to and will continue to support Fyne!


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