Introducing Fyne Labs

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The Fyne toolkit project, and its approach to graphical application development, is gaining popularity fast and the community wanted to support its growth beyond the current volunteer based project. To do this we established Fyne Labs, a company based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a mandate to support and grow the project and its community. This new company will managing funding, assist in hosting events and eventually provide finances for the ongoing development of the platform.

The Fyne ambition to enable truly platform agnostic development of graphical applications is one that helps developers and companies alike. As well as promoting quality software development and testing it is clear that a one-codebase approach to the growing number of application platforms reduces the amount of development required to deliver a multi-platform strategy. By assisting businesses to adopt the Fyne toolkit in their technology strategy the team at Fyne Labs will enable faster delivery to a wider audience with less development effort.

Whether your primary delivery platform is mobile or desktop, business software or consumer applications, we can help. Our team is available to help you deliver quality software to all your customers with a single release. Of course if you would prefer a software partner for your application delivery we are able to design, build and deliver on your vision. And all to the high standards that are associated with the Fyne toolkit and the applications we publish.

Sound to good to be true? Why not get in touch so we can discuss how a modern approach to application development can simplify your platform strategy and help to avoid the growing problem of technical debt at the same time!


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