LAL: The technology for your offline first Go application

Mar 1, 2023

At Fyne Labs, we have been working on a flavor of the Go native Key Value database BoltDB designed for Fyne application running on all your devices. Running inside your application, it is able to synchronize whenever your device is online without any conflict thanks to the use of a CRDTs Last Write Win algorithm. As the entire database is available at all time there is no downgraded experience when losing connectivity, making it perfect for an offline first experience. When connected it uses a low latency secure protocol to quickly download changes made on other devices. Database can be private to one user (on all their devices) or shared between multiple users with different read and write access.

We are now starting discussion with potential customers to finalize our API and enroll them in our beta in the near future. Please join our mailing list to get updated on the progress!

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LAL is a pure Go KV store using CRDTs Last Write Win for your offline first application – enabling real time collaborative content.