Software Engineer

FyneLabs is looking to welcome new and enthusiastic software engineers to its team. You will be part of a group of experienced developers focused on supporting and growing the Fyne community as well as developing tools and services around it. You may be part of developing graphical apps and tools, or the infrastructure and cloud software that power them. The roles are open to anyone with relevant software engineering experience as the specific tools and techniques can be taught as part of the job.


We are a remote first team that welcomes people working from their home office or other location that suits them. An office is available in Edinburgh if you would like to spend part, or all, of your time at that location. We are keen to expand the team to have global reach and so welcome applicants from all corners of the globe. We already have teams based in the UK and Canada with meetings (though we don’t have many) scheduled to suit all those that need to attend.


There are no formal qualifications required for this position, as long as you can demonstrate the ability to develop quality software as part of a team process. A degree, higher education qualification, apprenticeship or work experience can all demonstrate your capabilities. We encourage all applicants to have demonstrable contributions to an open source project and it is a bonus if you have developed applications using the Fyne toolkit before.


Basic salary bands vary based on experience level, starting at £32k for junior engineers up to £70k for senior positions. Salaries are reviewed on an annual basis, updates will be made based on individual contribution to the business. Share options are being considered for early joiners of our company to augment the current remuneration package.

Application Process

To apply for one of these positions please follow the app below to get your application token, and tap “Apply” when the button appears. We will review your application and set up an interview if you have the relevant skills. Depending on your previous experiences we may also ask you to complete a small programming task to work on in your own time.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Key Skills:

  • Software Engineering
  • Go programming language
  • App or Cloud development
  • Git / SVG etc
  • Team worker
  • Keen to learn