The Fyne project is funded by sponsorship – individuals and businesses that appreciate the hard work of the team and would like to support the project can do so using the GitHub sponsors page.

Fyne Labs Ltd manages the finances of the Fyne project which means that we can also accept payments directly if you would prefer – you can use the one-time donation page, or get in touch to arrange something specific. Money raised through sponsorship is used to cover the costs of hosting and project expenses, the running of conferences and meetups and the creation of promotional materials like stickers.

The Fyne project accepts sponsorship that aim to accelerate development of specific features and bug fixes. In these situations the project will allocate 75% of the relevant contribution to the core developer who does the work. We encourage potential sponsors to check out the features and bugs that have already been reported. The team reserves the right to decline requests for work that does not fit within the project vision.